You’d look hotter in a helmet

So I’m seeing more and more people cycling without helmets. Maybe it’s because more people are using their bikes to get around these days, so there are more inexperienced cyclists out there. Or maybe it’s the pernicious influence of this study, which argued that motorists give cyclists more room if they’re not wearing a helmet. In either case, it’s really alarming.

Helmets save lives. And even if it is true that people without helmets are given more room by drivers (though I’m a bit skeptical of that), when you actually do fall off a bike they protect your noggin. Besides, if that study is right, it only sums up current driving culture, which can change over time. Were everyone to wear a helmet, drivers’ behaviour would presumably be different.

Anyway, all I know is that when I was in the emergency room after falling off my bike and breaking my wrist, the first thing every doctor I met asked me was, “were you wearing a helmet?” Perhaps I need a “you’d look hotter in a helmet” t-shirt. Because you really would. Not that you’re not hot now, of course.

On another note, Ride Smart has launched a “bike buddy” program, encouraging seasoned bike commuters to mentor new riders. A great idea, though probably not for me. Even if I weren’t working from home right now, I’d probably be so horribly cantankerous in the morning as to scare the other person away from cycling for life. But maybe someone else could do this. Someone who is, you know, a nicer person than me.

And be sure to check out the various links at the bottom of the bike buddy page, which include services such as a guaranteed ride home program and bicycle roadside assistance (though the former link appears to be dead right now).

Anyway, here in Atlanta gas has leapt 40 cents in one day following Hurricane Ike. LMS’s mum, who lives in Houston, is doing fine. I’m glad about that, and glad that we won’t need to fill the car up for at least two more weeks.


2 Responses to You’d look hotter in a helmet

  1. tblj says:

    Today I biked to the gym at an early 5:50amafter my workout I biked home and on my way home I saw a woman riding her bike, she had a helmet but the helmet was not attached to her head, instead the helmet was attached to her bike. Not sure what that was about but I thought you might find it interesting

  2. unsquished says:

    Maybe she was protecting her bike? I also see people riding with helmets on, but the straps undone. Nice.

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