Asswich Drivers

Maybe I’m just still shaken from my recent accident, but I seem to be finding Atlanta’s drivers to be even worse than usual. And right now, as I’m working from home, I’m doing most of my cycling on bike paths. But I still need to ride on some stretches of road and cross others, and when I do the cars seem especially homicidal.

Case in point: the other side of the road where I was just run over. Even though I had the crossing, those bastards were zooming around the corner, talking on their cell phones, and I barely got across without being ploughed into.

I think we need an ad campaign to heighten awareness of bike traffic, but with especially jarring wording. Something like:

Do you really want a dead cyclist on your windshield… or your conscience?

Or perhaps:

Have you thought about being less of a homicidal assmunch?

Just a thought…


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